The editor’s diary: where HAVE you been? 18-24 September

The highlight of this week has been taking Mat away on a date. I think it definitely ranks up there on the special date-ometer! Feel free to take the whole thing and replicate it. It was a WINNER.

Whirlwind Wellington

My husband and co-publisher, Mat, isn’t really a giggler but the TV show, 7 Days, definitely gets him going. He loves it, binge watching it on YouTube. For those of you that haven’t seen it, 7 Days is a bit like hanging out in the pub with your funniest and most cynical mates while they rip apart the goings-on of the previous week.

So I booked us a surprise date. On Wednesday lunchtime, we flew down to Wellington, checked into the QT Museum Wellington and walked the five minutes to St James Theatre to be in the audience of the 7 Days Election Special. Back to the hotel straight afterwards for the launch party of the hotel’s very sexy new bar, Hot Sauce, and then ride the lift up to our floor with 7 Days host Jeremy Corbett (pretty exciting to see the whole panel staying in the hotel!).

Chris Lee, the glamorous ‘make shit happen’ lady at the QT Museum Wellington hosted us with consummate grace and went to great lengths to make us feel welcome. Thank you for helping me organise this cool date for Mat!

Next morning we had a cleansing swim, then breakfast at Wellington institution Floriditas, and a walk round Oriental Bay and behind Te Papa. We hopped back on the plane and were back at work just after lunch on Thursday.

New Zealand is brilliant. I love it!

Think Mat might have guessed by now he’s going somewhere fun.
Marvelling at Papamoa stretching further and further down the coast and inland.
What a cool airport. Go to Welly fav, Best Ugly Bagels, for a speedy airport lunch and look up at the huge birds of prey.
We arrive at the hotel. Overlooking Te Papa and Oriental Bay, this has to be one of the best hotels in the world. Their art collection is extraordinary. Every single thing in whole place felt carefully chosen. Our room felt so spacious. I could totally live here.
What a lovely welcome! Bubbles and a beautiful, hand written note. We felt very special, thank you!
Gaarrrrgghhh check out that knockout view! Time for a quick drink on the huge balcony to soak it in, then we are off!
Sitting in St James’ Theatre waiting for the fun to start. The audience had some very important recordings to make, like clapping with whooping, clapping without whooping, and clapping to a fade. We got the hard stuff out of the way and settled back to enjoy the show.
A break in filming and we need to eat! Tommy Millions in Courtenay Place was just the ticket, with fragrant, piping hot pizza sold by the slice.
Back to the hotel after four hours of laughing and we went and joined the launch party for the hotel’s brand new bar, Hot Sauce.
Up early for a few laps of the pool before breakfast.
The art isn’t just inside, it’s everywhere. This is the wall of a carpark down the side of the hotel.
Eggs every possible way at Floriditas. I chose mine with smoked mackerel, and dill fried potatoes.
A leisurely stroll by the waterfront, and Max Patte’s sculpture, Solace in The Wind, took us round the back of Te Papa.
The walls of the museum fall straight into the water. Very Venetian.