It’s finally that time of the year, when seeing ice cream on a menu doesn’t set your teeth chattering. Cold ice cream on hot waffles is the perfect trans-seasonal dish. Try them at waffle specialists, Yo&Co.

The name: Waffles!

The price: $5 for just waffles or $10 with ice cream and toppings. The Full Mountie with bacon, banana, maple syrup and whipped cream is $12.00. The pic below features a tummy warming apple and cinnamon sauce.

The secret: The waffle batter is freshly made in store and cooked to order on a traditional Belgian waffle iron.

The story: Waffles are an everyday treat in Europe, especially when it’s cold. Owner Ian first enjoyed waffles on cruising Fjordland in Norway and knew they’d be popular back here in the Bay. How right he was! We can’t wait for the new summer toppings too.