We are only a few days away from print AARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! But we still found time to get out and about and enjoy some of the cool stuff our plucky locals have been organising.

Little Yoga Fest

If it wasn’t for people like Emily Marks, the director of The Little Yoga Festival, the world would be a lesser place. The girl beams with sunshine, happiness, intelligence, and drive to make everyone feel damned good. We wandered down for a couple of hours on Saturday morning and spent the whole time in a state of bliss. My group were: Mia Farr, a leggy yoga enthusiast with a touch of bogan; Amelie Cranfield, a very bendy, clever and kind soul with a penchant for antigravity yoga, and me; a yoga virgin with a love of tight dresses, high heels and activewear.

On the May Street Reserve, a rectangular stretch of grass surrounded by community gardens, beachy apartments, grassy banks and the scout hut, The Little Yoga Festival was set up as a mini village of warm marquees for yoga and dance, there was a stage for live music, food trucks selling delicious things like sushi in seaweed shaped like an ice cream cone, and popcorn.

Amelie, Mia and I drew, listened to a talk on herbs, ate Japanese curry, walked through the gardens, went to the children’s antigravity yoga, and pretty much had the perfect girlie date.

Girlie date at The Little Yoga Fest

At The Flicks

The New Zealand International Film Festival has seen a huge range of films shown at the Rialto in Tauranga. Our team have been zipping over the bridge as often as possible to take some culture on board. Our favs were: House of Z, The Square, Wind River, My Year With Helen, Mad Mary.

Zac Posen in House of Z

Get Up That Hill

I go through phases of ‘this is my favourite activity.’ Currently it’s walking up The Mount. This morning was brilliant because there was hardly anyone up there. Turns out most people don’t like to walk through drizzle on a Monday morning. But it meant I saw a droplet of sunshine fall onto the end of Matakana Island, and the starting arc of a rainbow. What a way to start the week!

Get over to #matakanaisland and get digging. #cueangelssinging

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