Johney’s Dumpling House is a go-to place for foodies, families with kids, and friends who feel like beer and dumplings on Friday night. Johney Zhou grew up cooking dumplings, so he knows what he’s doing. Adding The Tiki on a menu, he got all the vegans covered too.

The name: The Tiki

The price: 4 for $6

The secret: Our handmade dumplings are steamed before they hit the hot plate. It’s a cooking process that requires precise timing! We steam these beauties for six minutes, then fry them using a hot plate, oil and just the right temperature.

The story: The dish is actually named after the local legend Tiki Taane. At one of the events back in 2015 he came to me and asked if we had any vege options. Unfortunately we didn’t. So I set myself the task of creating something for the vegetarians and vegans. After a vegetable hunt at the local growers, we came up with these kale, courgette, carrot and red onion dumplings. The feedback has been incredible! Thanks, Tiki.