The editor’s diary: Where HAVE you been?

Words your mother often said. Luckily we are all adults now and can do as we damn well please! Here are my galavanting highlights this week.

Surprise Soak

On Friday lunchtime Mat said ‘Come with me.’ And off we walked, down Banks Ave along the beach and to the Mount Hot Pools where he’d booked a private pool. I’ve lived here for ten years and never been in the private pools. Why is that?! They are sooo lovely. If there’s one thing you’re after when you go to the hotties, it’s quiet and calm. And that’s what we got. It was the loveliest daytime treat and set me up for working with a zen-like brain for the afternoon. Thanks, Matty!

Get Frocked

We went to Tarnished Frocks and Divas on Saturday night. It was a bit spesh as the PM was there! At the pre-show drinks, he talked about the sign he’d seen above Sisters & Co which says ‘Clothes won’t change the world, but the women who wear them will.’ It did feel a bit like that on Saturday night. So full of life and kick-ass sass. We had a fun, rowdy table which was rather bloke heavy, as it included two TFD widowers, who were finally able to see their wives after the months of rehearsals. It as an opportunity to sink wine, cheer on.

Back row l to r: Carmen Lett, Sandra Power, Matt Power, Mat Tomlinson, Mark Cashmore, Sam Dowdall, Aidan Lett, Brent Devcich. Front row l to r: Matt Hayward, Kimberley Hayward, Jenny Rudd, Aimee Driscoll, Blair Graham
Bill English, with the Tarnished Frocker herself, Annie Pankhurst
May Street community gardens


It’s waaaay too easy to get stuck staring at a screen all day in the office, and it’s not great for creativity either! So Emma and I often go for daytime strolls. I keep a pair of trainers under my desk (hellooooo Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl!). One of our favs is to wander down to the end of Leisure Island and back. We walked past the May Street community gardens last week which I’d always heard about but never seen. They are like the wholesome version of The Secret Garden! It was all lush spring gorgeousness too, with a lovingly planted border of wild flowers round the edge. It must take a lot of work to get it looking so yum. And it’s the venue for the Little Yoga Festival coming up the weekend after next. Unbeachy and green, a few paces from the actual beach, I loved the cool surprise of discovering somewhere new in my home.