At the shoot for House of Travel Tauranga (HOTTauranga – what a great acronym!), owner Shane wouldn’t stand still. He invited EVERYONE who passed to join him having his photo taken. They all found it impossible to say no. Shane Kennedy has a sparkle in his eye, brims with ideas and fun, and he wants to take everyone around him along on the ride.


It’s that energy, sparkling mind and 27 years in the industry here in Tauranga, which have made his travel agency one of the most dynamic retail travel experiences in the country: all while retaining that small town heart of integrity.


Global trends are spotted quickly and brought to life. HOTTauranga has its own foreign exchange service, and they have just launched HOTCruise, in response to the massive demand for cruises. This is a company that chartered a 737 for its customers. They think big and move fast.

Extra mile

Before you set off on holiday, you’re given a ‘Duty of Care’ card with Shane’s mobile number. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that level of customer care before! Similarly, HOTTauranga business travellers each get a phone number to call 24/7, which connects directly with Shane’s corporate team.


HOTTauranga sees clients using the internet as a great opportunity. Shane says, “By sharing what we all know, truly remarkable journeys are created. The widespread use of the internet has been a game changer in such a positive way for our industry. People arrive at our doorstep better informed, and often with fantastic ideas. We design something really special, which will give the best memories. That really matters to us.”


HOTTauranga is growing. A team of twenty staff looked after the 10,000 people who walked through their doors last year (that’s almost one in ten Tauranga locals). What greets each customer is quite special.

In a commanding spot at 139 Willow Street in Tauranga, the doors open onto a beautiful lobby, with a long, curved sofa under an ever-changing display of some of the most covetable holiday experiences I’ve ever seen. It’s like a travel megastore, with different departments for corporate, leisure, cruise, and group travel.


Whatever the reason for travel, and the budget to make it happen, Shane’s team consider every journey carefully. They make sure every arrangement is delivered as expected, is great value, and that you are safe and have the best possible experience.

It’s exciting to think we have this all right here on our doorstep.

Corner Willow and Spring Streets, Tauranga
Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5pm

Saturday, 9am – 12pm