Jenny Rudd caught up with Kelly Kingston, owner of Mount Skin and Body, after an evening celebrating the salon’s new direction.

J/ Change is in the air. Can you talk us through the new machines you have in the salon?

K: We’ve been offering classic beauty and facial treatments in The Mount for 14 years now, and we’re really excited to expand our treatment menu by investing in high-end skin technology. Our new intense pulsed light (IPL) and light-emitting diode (LED) machines offer effective solutions to a range of skin conditions, such as premature aging, red veins, pigmentation and unwanted hair.

Emma Whittaker and Kayla Jans

J/ I loved hearing about the salon’s holistic approach to skin care. Tell us more.

K: Topical treatments and products form just one part of the picture when it comes to the care of your skin. When we sit down to talk to each client about their skin, we cover everything, including what they eat and drink, and what supplements they might be taking. We even talk about breathing and moods. We find taking this approach to the full spectrum of factors affecting the skin helps us to choose the right treatments, and has a significant effect on the skin, its health, and the client’s general wellbeing.

J/ What has been your most popular treatment at the salon?

K: LED therapy. Specific colour wavelengths of light penetrate the skin to varying depths. The light energises cells in the skin to encourage collagen production, improve elasticity, and increase blood circulation and oxygen flow, which helps to remove toxins. We now have an LED sleep treatment, where clients are able to come in and energise their skin whilst enjoying meditation music or absolute peace. This has been very popular, as the treatment provides ‘quiet time’, as well as addressing skin issues.

J/ So, where do I start?

K: We offer a holistic skin consultation that includes a treatment plan, prescribed product recommendations, and time to address any questions or concerns you have about your skin. Everyone’s needs are different, but skin is our thing. Our knowledge goes an awful lot deeper than just applying the right creams for a relaxing facial. Come in and see us to find out!

Kelly Kingston
Penny and Rodelle Payne
Fiona Lysaght