Are you planning a long bike ride? Take Roger Athy-Knibbs’ advice for staying in tiptop shape on the road.

Prepare your BIKE. Ensure it’s up to the task. Do you have a bike designed for the terrain ahead? Is it correctly adjusted to your height and weight?

Prepare YOURSELF. Ensure you are up to the journey ahead. Make sure you are physically ready to undertake such a venture – see a physio like Roger to help you prepare.

Warm up. Warm up properly before you start each day, to help prepare the body for the work it’s going to do. This should include muscle exercise and the correct form of stretching.

Use the rest stops. This might just be to use the toilet, but also take on food and water, and give your seat a rest.

Ride smart. If it’s a long way, pace yourself. You want to be able to complete the ride, not just be at the front.

Fuel the body. If there are multiple days on the ride, ensure you eat well at the beginning and end of each day. Your body cannot function without fuel.

Recovery. Always recover well. Good forms of recovery include:

  • Ice baths
  • Swimming
  • Stretching
  • Massage
  • Sleep


Before founding Salveo Therapy in Tauranga in 2007, Roger Athy-Knibbs was head physio at London rugby club Wasps. He was invited to join the Ride Of The Legends as the official physio. If there is someone, who knows how to stay healthy on a long bike ride, that is definitely Roger!


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