uno.’s cover story photographer and writer Cam Neate shares some favourite pics from his roll for the eves photo feature.

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SCUBA STEVE I saw this bloke walking to the beach for a swim. There was something about the light and the way he carried himself, so I asked for a portrait. He lives on a farm down the road and swims at this beach twice a day all year round. I bump into him from time to time when I’m surfing. I’m still not 100% sure what his name is.


FLYING V I’ve always appreciated weird composition and strange lines in images. It’s important to experiment and ditch the pre- conceived idea that an image must abide to say, a rule-of-thirds or whatever. My brother, Si, who works at the BOP Regional Council, doing a headstand underwater in Samoa, shot on a $2 camera but for me it has so much life.


BIRDS WITH A VIEW This was one of those ‘New Zealand appreciation days’. I woke up in Wanaka the day this was shot. A little dry in the mouth (ahem), we flew up north, and I could see some fun waves from the plane, so I called my mate Craig as soon as I landed. He knew it was flat on the east coast, so we drove out to Muriwai for a quick surf before dark. What a country.


SAND DUNE COWBOYS It’s important to take mental health days, especially when the weather’s good! Mates from The Mount and Auckland planned to meet half way for a mid-week surf in The Coromandel. The stars aligned, and we had a really amazing day of surf and just hanging out. No weekend crowds, just a bunch of dune rats, having a blast.


CRAIG AT BLAKE Here’s my mate Craig, taking a breather at the Blake Park half-pipe. Our mothers met in Tauranga hospital, so we’ve never not known each other. We went to school together, played rugby together, did karate for about a week together, got sick of that, started cricket, got into fishing, skating, surfing and even played in bands together. The best thing ever happened at about 14: he moved next door! We wound up studying at uni together and now we’re in Auckland working on some really exciting advertising projects. I guess it’s a matter of time until we’re neighbours again in The Mount. That’ll be a good day: the full circle.


THE FOREST DIABLOS On set for a music video I directed last year for a band called SHAKES. The talent were Italian, Swedish, and an Aucklander with a French name; it’s good to keep a global cast. SHAKES started off in The Mount before they migrated north to the ‘City of Sails’.


MUM AND THE STRIKEMASTER Mum has always wanted to fly in a jet. This year, the Tauranga Airshow was held the week before her 60th birthday. After the show, the last two New Zealand-owned fighter jets were being sold to the US Air Force. Talk about fate! All of a sudden, Dad and I were at the airport watching mum taxi out in a Strikemaster. She hasn’t stopped grinning since.


BUSINESS CLASS TO AOTEA You know you’re on a small plane if the captain calls you in the morning to say the flight has been delayed due to weather. We took off later in the day to Aotea (Great Barrier Island), and I was lucky to cop a business class upgrade, right behind the pilot. Actually there were no seats behind us, so we may have been in cattle class. Either way, it was a beautiful and bumpy flight, as well as my first visit to the island. I can’t wait to go back.


BEACH BOYS IN DUNEDIN I was filming for the Billabong team at the surf nationals. And we decided to shoot up to Allan’s beach – a beautiful raw stretch of coast full of bathing seals and sea lions. But all we see in this picture are Sean Kettle and Mount boy Jordan Griffin, cold, tired and hungry, with a long walk back to the car. Body language says a lot in sur ng and, judging from this hangdog walk, the session wasn’t a stand out. Sean and I have travelled lots, shooting surf films with Billabong, and Jordan is a bit like a younger brother. They’re both in Indonesia on a content trip, which I had to miss. I bet they’re looking a little more animated right now.


THE DESERT DWELLERS Tauranga-based surf magazine Damaged Goods sent me on location to shoot Norfolk Island. I thought it would be a sleepy island, full of grey hair and big trees, but I was so wrong! The place is alive, with cattle roaming the streets, tremendously hospitable locals, amazing surf, a good climate, a healthy shark population, and probably the strangest collection of cars I’ve come across.
COUCH CHILLING Daymmmm, time flies! This was from November 2015. I share an office with my old boss, who runs a fashion PR company called Public Library. He also has quite the passion for interior design, and the space doubles as a showroom so it’s always looking the goods. I had wrapped up a big week and was just having a good ol’ chill on the couch, when one of my office mates came in to get the shot. I was like, ‘Hold up. Let me pull the Michael Jackson Thriller cover pose.’ Voilà.

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