The ultimate outdoor fireplace, BBQ and pizza oven is made in Omokoroa.

Best on the market

When Wayne Bakewell looked for an outdoor fireplace, he knew what he wanted: something stylish that would last, and he wanted to be able to move it to different outdoor areas at home, cook in it, and take it when he moved house. He couldn’t find what he was looking for, so the engineer from the superyacht industry used his design experience to build the perfect fireplace.

Delivered straight to you from Wayne’s Omokoroa workshop, the fire heats up quickly and evenly, meaning you can cook all your favourite dishes, like pizzas and roasts, then swing the lever aside and enjoy the warmth and ambience of the fire.

The Bakewell Burner comes in black or silver, and there are all sorts of extras available too, like shelves to hook onto either side.

Moving from one area to another is easy, as the fireplace is on wheels.