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This has to be one of the most exciting projects we’ve been involved in. We love a collab! Judging with Belinda Francis from MediaWorks, Claire Rogers from Sun Media, Carolyn Schofield from Trustpower, and lots of others, it was a wonderful insight into how we all see the Western Bay of Plenty! The emotion and technical ability in the entries made for an exceptional standard of photography, and an enjoyably tricky judging process. Robust discussions and deep concentration accompanied the task of whittling the 1,800 entries down to our chosen finalists. We were pretty unanimous, however, on our supreme winner. Congratulations, Graham, on behalf of all the judges.

See the photos on The Strand, Tauranga

This is an exhibition to be really proud of — it’s BRILLIANT, and it’s FREE. Go down to The Strand in Tauranga, and see these gorgeous images in all their glory.


LAND + SEA, FIRST PLACE SUPREME WINNERCOWBOY WATERBOY, GRAHAM FLANAGAN This is our son, James, somersaulting off a pontoon in Athenree into the summer water. I took it on a GoPro. I like to take snaps capturing light and movement. Taking photos is very much a hobby for me.

LAND + SEA, SECOND PLACECLINT REID, NORTHWEST ROCK JUMP, JEREME AUBERTIN This was a day with a very large swell. The surf was breaking around the harbour entrance side of The Mount. Clint and I went around to photograph him surfing. I wanted to show how dramatic it was to get into the water.

EMOTION, FIRST PLACEAN OCTOPUS! KATIE COX “Find a sea creature, Dad!” said my two-year-old son. “No pressure,” replied my husband. As he made his way back to the boat, the tentacles started to show. My son was so excited, and mesmerised by this little octopus. First experiences with the ocean and its inhabitants have been incredible to watch through a child’s eyes.

EMOTION, SECOND PLACEJOY BOMB (AND BE SILLY!), JOSSIE MASON A ‘be silly’ shot in the background, immediately after the official Papamoa team photo, postrugby match. I had to snap this quickly to capture Patterson’s joy and enthusiasm. The picture demonstrates why sport is so good for our young Bay of Plenty children.

HERITAGE, FIRST PLACELEST WE FORGET, BRYDIE THOMPSON Tears made it difficult to focus my camera as The Last Post echoed above the thousands gathered for The Mount’s dawn service on ANZAC Day 2016. This particular image was taken straight after the ceremony, as the sun slowly lit the sky and ocean. A powerful and emotional moment, and I felt a real sense of community.

HERITAGE, SECOND PLACEKOHANGA REO TEACHER, BOB TULLOCH This portrait was created to attempt to capture the inner beauty of this lovely lady. The tukutuku panels reflect her whakapapa.

OUR PEOPLE, FIRST PLACEFRIENDSHIP, BRYDIE THOMPSON Four men who meet most evenings at the same time on the same bench and take the time to talk. This to me is a reminder to slow down, enjoy the simple moments and dedicate time to friendship. My kids like skating near where they sit, so we’d met quite a few times before I asked to take this photo.

OUR PEOPLE, SECOND PLACEBLISSFULLY BURIED, ANNE SCANTLEBURY A nine-year-old boy smiles with content after being buried in the sand!

YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER EXCELLENCE AWARDEARLY RISING, CLAY DIXON In the water before the sun wakes up makes for some special moments like these. No one else, calm and smooth waters, and an insane light show from the sun.

YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER MERIT AWARDWALKING ON WATER, LULU BOORMAN My mum and sister were running ‚and it looked like they were walking on water. They were having fun splashing, and I wanted to take a photo because I wanted to remember it, and Mum doesn’t have many photos of her.

STUDENT EXCELLENCE AWARDCROWD AT BAY DREAMS, ALEKSEI SPODYNEIKO Happy people at the Bay Dreams music festival the day after New Year’s Day. I love the energy of the moving, swelling crowd and the heavy clouds overhead.

STUDENT MERIT AWARDLAND, DOG AND SEA ROSIE COLLINS There’s nothing that makes this dog happier than a stick and some, waves. She loves digging the sand, and having the ocean water on her, and it makes me happy to witness it all. I liked how focused she was on destroying the log, and how her body shone.

HIGHLY COMMENDEDHAVINGBASH, DAVID SKINNER This gentleman was a drummer in a Japanese drumming exhibition, and I captured the emotion of his performance, along with the other group members. His appearance and concentration on his drumming was a great photographic opportunity.

HIGHLY COMMENDEDGOOD THINGS COME FROM BOREDOM, MAREE WILKINSON My daughter Milly was cooped up inside our house on a rainy day. I just saw her expression in the reflection and grabbed my camera.

HIGHLY COMMENDEDMOUNT BASE TRACK STROLL, PAUL REGAN This is a view walking anti-clockwise around The Mount base track.

HIGHLY COMMENDEDSTRETCH FOR IT! MOANA BIANCHIN A chilly winter’s day of netball, when every handover of the ball counts.

HIGHLY COMMENDEDAUSTIN, BRYDIE THOMPSON Austin had a dream to walk, and this photo was taken to help raise money for him to have a life-changing operation. He’s a ray of sunshine with an infectious laugh. We had a fun photo session. The incredible thing is, that with a huge fundraising e ort, Austin is now up on his feet!

HIGHLY COMMENDEDMILKING SHEEP, MOANA BIANCHIN We thought we’d have a go at making some sheep milk ricotta cheese, as we were weaning the lambs from their mothers. I stood up high to get a good angle and my daughter looked up at me. My friend Andrea is behind the kids, making sure the sheep don’t move back.

HIGHLY COMMENDEDPAPAMOA LOG SUNRISE, KARL TRETHEWAY This log has been on Papamoa Beach for the last few years. It has been buried and unburied and has been moved up and down the beach by the sea. I enjoy capturing it at sunrise.

HIGHLY COMMENDEDSURREAL CONTEMPLATION, JOSSIE MASON Watching my son in a rare moment of quiet contemplation. This image is from a sequence of children running and then resting, taking in the sunset, talking, all whilst looking out over farmland. The sunset, the light, the quiet and the view seemed so surreal. The beautiful view is now gone, as the land has been redeveloped.

2017 Young Photographer merit winner, Lulu Boorman (left), with sister, Mischa.

Look out for entry details at the end of this year 

Our supreme winner is an amateur — and he won $1,000, flights and accommodation in his choice of London, New York, Paris or Rome, and his image up in bright lights! That could be YOU next year!


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