The Ladies’ Long Charity Lunch 2017

The Ladies' Long Charity Lunch was run entirely by volunteers, raising over $100,000 for Te Aranui Youth Trust and Good Neighbour. Every delicious mouthful was made with RESCUED FOOD by Peter Blakeway and his team of students.

Three, Two, One, Action!

What really happens behind those bright lights? Skin Centre Trust Ball auction winner and budding broadcaster, Madison McGregor, finds out when she goes behind the scenes.

The Bentley Bentayga

When Ettore Bugatti described the 1924 Le-Mans-winning Bentley 3-litre as ‘the world's fastest lorry’, he was trying to insult its winning durability. If only he knew what was in store nearly a century later.

Strip, swim and become a ‘Nude Dude’ for breast cancer

Tauranga is set to become home to an eccentric new fundraiser next year, with the inaugural ‘Nude Dude’ charity swim announced for 15 March 2018.

Welcome Little Brother – Lost and found half a century later

How a NZ clairvoyant helped me uncover a family secret and helped me find a half-brother I never knew I had.

MORE FM Mount Everest Challenge — Everest By The Sea

Apparently, climbing The Mount 38 times is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. Three years ago, Belinda Francis, the general manager at MediaWorks, had a conversation with a personal trainer who'd set her daughter the challenge of 'climbing Everest' to earn a reward.