Pato — Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes on the cover story: see more images behind the scenes at the cover shoot and videos of the Bay Dreams and One Love festivals.

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Women Who Get Sh*t Done — The UNconference

ANGELA WALLACE is one of those people who makes Tauranga an amazing place. She doesn’t do all the things she does to make money, or get recognition, she just does them because she thinks she should.

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Stuart Crosby — So What’s It All About?

He spent 18 years as a Tauranga City councillor, and another 12 as MAYOR. Now a Bay of Plenty Regional councillor, we ask Stuart Crosby what it’s all about…

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Working From Home? Get Inspo From ‘Disposable Chic’

If you work from home, your space needs to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE. Photographer Jenny Brandt and illustrator/graphic designer Jens Grönberg show us through their home.

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Wish for Fish

It’s one of those rainy spring days when running from car to interview leaves me sopping. Today, Bryce is bed-bound after his chair short-circuited in the wet. 

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Yo Delicious

TREAT YO-SELF this summer with a cool one from Mt Maunganui’s Yo and Co where we found fresh, fruity, full flavours and extra warm service.

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Relaxed Grandeur — Eagle Ridge

Nigel Herbert and Deborah Reid show us round the newly opened Eagle Ridge — their luxury lodge, wedding and function venue nestled into the Ohauiti Hills with BREATHTAKING VIEWS of Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.

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Mike Rudd — Memories

I remember the facts — the sights — the smells — the sounds — the journeys — the accommodation — the meals — the schools. But I don’t remember how I felt.

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Race me!

I’ve never been one of those people who gets excited about cars. But that has all changed, thanks to Jaguar allowing me to scream around a racetrack…

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Verity Johnson’s Holiday

I’ve never had a beach holiday. I’ve heard about them, I’ve read about them, I’ve dreamed about them, but I’ve never had the proper Kiwi, beach-and-bleached hair summer holiday where everything is covered in salt and sunscreen.

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Whakatane — Staycation

Why go anywhere else when you can have an amazing holiday right here in our own backyard? Local JIM ROBINSON has drawn up the perfect itinerary for a weekend of adventuring in Whakatane.

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The Curiosity Project

Tauranga locals Stacey Smith and Joy Tahere decided to wake us up by creating the Curiosity Project, to both excite and ignite curiosity. Informal, monthly, evening workshops taught by some of the Bay’s finest…

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