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We love escaping to the beach or getting away to the family bach, but with some smart design ideas and cost-effective styling, you can turn your property into a relaxing holiday retreat year round. 

Generation Homes is a national top-ten builder that provides affordable houses to Kiwis without compromising on style or innovation. Here are some ways we can help you create a seaside haven, regardless of your distance from the surf.


If you’re a beach lover, it’s more than likely you gravitate towards warm, sunny spots. By building a north-facing home, you’re guaranteed maximum sun exposure. We recommend having high traffic areas such as kitchens, dining and family rooms facing north, while bathrooms and garages should face the south. If your chosen building site isn’t ideal for catching the sun – for example, if it’s located on a south-sloping block – we can customise most standard house plans to maximise the sun’s warmth and light.


As a general rule, ensure large windows face the north to make the most of the winter sun. Add moderate-sized windows to the east side of a home to target the morningsun, and the west to maximise the afternoon sun. South-facing windows should be smaller. A great way to bring extra natural light and fresh air into a home is to fit windows into a high section of a wall or roof above eye level.
ROOMS Entertainment and living areas should be open and well connected. Old-school baches work so well for holidays because the property’s main gathering areas are large, and usually celebrate open-plan design with combined living, kitchen and dining spaces. This makes them ideal for socialising. Having a similar set-up in your home will bring with it the holiday vibes.


A great outdoor area is key to creating a beachy feel. Capitalise on northfacing warmth by building a deck off your property’s main living areas and use floorto-ceiling bifold doors to create a beautiful expansive space on a warm summer’s day. Think about landscaping and gardening, as having nature around you wherever you are in the house is key to creating a peaceful vibe. The deck or garden could even have a built-in outdoor cooking space.


Creating a modern-style bach involves keeping the colour palette neutral and contrasting with natural timbers and the full spectrum of blue. White (or near-white) walls in most of your living areas will not only give you a blank canvas, but also keep the space fresh and open. You can also be more playful with your selection of furniture and accessories.


White tiles are a winner in kitchens and bathrooms when paired with stylish floors. Generation Homes’ customers love stone or ceramic tiles and quality carpet on floors. However, if budget is available, materials such as timber, wood-look tiles, vinyl planking and laminate flooring are making an appearance. Tiles are great for keeping a home cool in summer.


Bring in mint and turquoise accents with living walls or potted plants to offset neutral tiles in bathrooms. Think about adding variations such as wooden shelving to create an earthy vibe. Install a larger-thanstandard shower with a rain-head fixture – it’ll make you think of washing off sand after a long day at the beach.

Drawn together by a mutual love for property, Kristen and Greg Zaloumis encourage each other to follow their dreams, and the excitement about their new venture together is palpable.



It’s the ability to stand back and think just slightly differently to everyone else, as well as a strong belief that it’s riskier to do nothing, which has been the secret to Matt and Sandra’s success. In her first full year at Bayleys, Sandra made it into the élite top ten percent of Bayleys agents nationwide. On fire from the start, the Power Property team has now grown to include husband Matt and a licensed PA, Marty. Matt and Sandra show us through their home on Te Ngaio Road in the Mount with their three sons Jack (16), Oliver (13), Tommy (10) and fluffy puppy, Roxy.


For more design inspiration and advice, visit one of Generation Homes’ show homes in the Bay of Plenty, Taupo or greater Waikato area. 


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