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One of Vivo Hair & Beauty Tauranga’s finest stylists, Angela Thomson, is cashing in the Bay of Plenty’s questionable spring weather for sangria and sunshine in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. It’s not all fun and games though. Angela is representing New Zealand on an international stage when she steps up to compete in the Goldwell Colorzoom competition from 6 — 10 October.

After taking out the New Zealand Goodwell Colorzoom title, Angela is now preparing to put her skills to the test on international soil this weekend for a chance to be named the world’s best colour stylist – the absolute highest honour within the hairdressing industry. 
The international competition in Barcelona features the ‘best of the best’ hair stylists from across the globe, each showcasing their unique talents and creative flair on their chosen model.

Before she jet-sets off, UNO. caught up with Angela to chat about her winning look, her tips for rocking the latest hair trends with confidence and the secret to what makes a hair stylist stand out above the rest…

How does it feel to have won such an incredible title?

It’s such an honour. There are so many emotions running wild – it’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! The global Goldwell Colorzoom Awards are huge. It’s every hairdresser’s dream to be part of them and to be able to represent their country. Competing in Barcelona, against so many other talented stylists, is bound to be an experience I will never forget.

The Jellyfish’ by Angela Thompson

You’ve referred to your winning look as ‘The Jellyfish.’ What was your inspiration for this look and how did you use your colouring and styling skills to bring it to life?

The Jellyfish is my interpretation of this year’s Goldwell Colorzoom collection, INFLUX. Using movement, iridescent colours and fluidity, I began with dark roots which faded into light tones to enhance the overall style and highlight as much movement as possible. I wanted this look to have both strength and softness.

I’m constantly inspired by what I’m surrounded by, whether that’s nature’s beauty, architecture or other stylists. My inspiration for this particular look came quite literally from how a jellyfish moves, and the reflection of such beautiful iridescent colours when the sunlight hits its tendrils through the water.

How can us mere mortals take inspiration from the winning looks in this year’s competition to create stylish, yet simple, every day hairstyles?

Competition styles may not be what everyone is looking for when you’re going to work or doing your grocery shopping, but they can certainly inspire simplified trends for everyday wear!

Start by looking beyond the finished style of a competition or high fashion look and pick out the smaller personal qualities that you like, then incorporate them into your own hairstyle. This could be the colours that you see, the shape of the cut or an edgy detail such as blunt fringe. Every hair style is a piece of art in its own right.

The classic messy bun on top of the head is always a fun, easy style to play with. To create the ultimate messy bun at home, simply:

  • Pre-curl hair in large sections (try and curl hair in different directions rather than all the same way) and lightly spray with hairspray
  • Run fingers through curls to break them up
  • Pull hair into desired place, preferably just above the crown area
  • Tie hair as you would a pony tail, but do not pull hair all the way through the band on the last tie
  • Lightly spray with hairspray once again and voila, you’re good to go!

Angela Thomson

What are the biggest hair trends you are forecasting for this summer?

Moving into the warmer months we’re seeing fresh and fun shorter styles gaining popularity, which is great as these styles are so easy to manage! Keep in mind that quality of movement and softness using shades of colour that complement the style and each individual is really important when going for a shorter cut.

Double external braids will be also huge this summer and look fabulous on most people – picture two rows of soft braids over the top of the head, starting either side of the head (left to right, or right to left), with remaining hair loose in big, beachy waves. Gorgeous.

What sets a good hair stylist apart from a great one?

A good stylist will enjoy their job and achieve the desired results for their clients, but a great stylist is someone who continually goes the extra mile and has a huge amount of passion for their trade.

They LOVE what they do, and they follow fashion and hair trends to ensure they’re always at the top of their game. They care deeply about their clients and listen intently to their needs, and they’re happy to take time to explain how to achieve a beautiful look that is realistic to each individual. They also laugh a lot – a sense of humour is very important!

After chatting with Angela its evident her passion for her career is what has enabled her to get to where she is today – about to take on the world.

The magnitude of what lies ahead hasn’t seemed to rock her calm, easy-going nature though, she says she’s more than happy to juggle work and personal life with travel and competition prep. While it would be incredible for a Kiwi from little old Tauranga to take out the grand prize, the fact Angela is in the running against the world’s top hair stylists is an amazing feat in itself.

Best of luck Angela, Tauranga is right behind you!

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