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Сaitriona Fallon — Riverdancer

Сaitriona Fallon’s stunning performance in Tarnished Frocks and Divas' 2017 show, Zoetica, has established her as one to watch. WORDS LIZ FRENCH IMAGES GEORGE NOVAK...

Best Of The Bay Weekend (30 September — 1 October)

Indulge your love of fragile flowers or you inner nineties grunge this weekend. Best of the Bay Weekend has you covered!

The editor’s diary: where HAVE you been? 18–24 September

The highlight of this week has been taking Mat away on a date. I think it definitely ranks up there on the special date-ometer!

Four reasons to visit Mt Maunganui ROCK FEST this October

The annual ROCK FEST has taken the local music scene by storm. This is the rock event of the year, it's a must see.

Olivia Bezett — Creative Creatures

We met Olivia Bezett back in spring 2015. Here's a mini-step back in time with this popular artist.

Best of the Bay weekend (2–3 September)

Laughing our heads off on Saturday night and celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday - this weekend is going to be wild!

Tarnished Frocks and Divas. The millennial view.

One of Tauranga’s biggest shows, Tarnished Frocks and Divas, kicked with a huge opening night last night at the ASB Arena. Our UNO. digital ed was there to watch this year's show, Zoetica.

Best of the Bay Weekend (26–27 August)

Raining for the next two days? No probs! We’ve got you covered.

Instagram of the week: @henrymcintosh

Talented and creative people turned casual square photos into a piece of art. We will be sharing our favourite Instagram accounts and hot hashtags every Monday now on.

Tarnished Frocks and Divas — Balancing the Books

Managing the budget to put on a show for 7,000 people takes a steady brain, a calm hand and masses of imaginative ideas.

Best of the Bay weekend (19-20th August)

Staycation couldn't be easier with our travel guides and all the amazing events happening in Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane this weekend.

Best of the Bay weekend (12-13th August)

Looks like the beachy weather is back, people! OK, teeny weeny exaggeration, but it totally is, compared to the last couple of weeks. Get out and tick these events off your weekend to-do list.