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Mike Rudd — Serving in the Bosnian War

The Bosnian war, involving the breakup of the former Yugoslavia in 1992, was a violent and bloody affair. The international community decided to deploy humanitarian relief, and armed forces to enforce a peaceful solution.

Mike Rudd –Summer of Music

I'm enjoying a genuine good feeling for the future, tingling in my hardened arteries after spending summer in and around the Bay of Plenty.

Mike Rudd — Memories

I remember the facts - the sights - the smells - the sounds - the journeys - the accommodation - the meals - the schools. But I don’t remember how I felt.

Mike Rudd — Optimistic Future for the Millennials

Mike Rudd, RAF fighter jet pilot and Otahuhu College boy, puts aside his grumpy old man image, just for one day, to champion the Millennials.

Mike Rudd — Carries On Charles Martin’s Legacy

RAF fighter jet pilot, Otahuhu College boy, now slightly grumpy old man, from his armchair in the UK