Columnist Yolande King from EVES Real Estate continues her series of advice for homeowners.

Over the last eleven years, we have helped hun­dreds of peo­ple sell their homes. It’s great to be able to share with you what we’ve learnt along the way. Last issue, I explained why you need an agent and how to select the best per­son for the job. Now that you have your super­star agent in place, it’s time to get your house ready. Expe­ri­ence has shown us that what you do now can make the dif­fer­ence between no sale, an ok price and a dream price.

THE AGREEMENT Your sale and pur­chase agree­ment needs to be drawn up imme­di­ate­ly, so that it’s avail­able to prospec­tive buy­ers from the get-go. Your solic­i­tor will ensure any rel­e­vant dis­clo­sures and addi­tion­al claus­es are all includ­ed. The agree­ment is there to pro­tect you, and to let the buy­er know what they are agree­ing to.

ALL ON PAPER Although you don’t have to provide the reports list­ed below, giv­ing extra infor­ma­tion to the buy­er reduces their costs, con­cerns and makes your prop­er­ty more attrac­tive than the com­pe­ti­tion. And most impor­tant­ly, it helps to increase the num­ber of buy­ers inter­est­ed in your prop­er­ty.

1. Order the Prop­er­ty File and Land Infor­ma­tion Mem­o­ran­dum (LIM) from the coun­cil. The first con­tains infor­ma­tion about build­ing con­sents, and any cor­re­spon­dence with the coun­cil ($46). The LIM has infor­ma­tion on pub­lic storm water and sew­er­age drains, rates infor­ma­tion and so on ($248 to $373 depend­ing on how long you want to wait).

2. Do a metham­phet­a­mine test. This is a com­mon con­cern. Rep­utable tests are
read­i­ly avail­able.

3. Get a builder’s report. Buy­ers are more like­ly to be put off mak­ing buy­ing deci­sions by sur­pris­es. It makes sense to keep them aware of any poten­tial issues up front. A pos­i­tive build­ing report is won­der­ful, but a report with required repairs or issues iden­ti­fied just tells buy­ers you have noth­ing to hide, and pro­vides you with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to address every­thing at the start.

SET THE STAGE Over the years, we’ve com­piled a detailed check­list so you can pre­pare both inside and out­side your home. What to remove, fix, refresh or store, how to make that ini­tial impact, how to keep your prop­er­ty secure dur­ing buy­er vis­its, and more. It’s impor­tant to cre­ate a neu­tral palet­te, so your buy­er can imag­ine them­selves liv­ing in your home. If styling is not your thing, we can rec­om­mend a home stager.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS There are two impor­tant appoint­ments that are booked at the begin­ning of mar­ket­ing your prop­er­ty. One is the ‘car­a­van’, when, in our case, our EVES and Bay­leys agents walk through each new prop­er­ty on the mar­ket.

The sec­ond is your pho­tog­ra­pher. First impres­sions real­ly count. The next call one of those agents makes could be to your buy­er. And the images will be the first thing all poten­tial buy­ers will see. So, book them close togeth­er, check you’ve done every­thing on our list of instruc­tions, fill your house with beau­ti­ful flow­ers, take a deep breath, and – know­ing you’ve cho­sen an excep­tion­al mar­ket­ing team – relax!

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