On Sunday I was incredibly lucky to have lunch with the head girl of girl bosses: Theresa Gattung.

There­sa owned the cor­po­rate sec­tor as CEO of Tele­com for eight years. Then she became an entre­pre­neur, co-found­ing of one of New Zealand’s most explo­sive­ly suc­cess­ful start-ups, My Food Bag. Her fel­low founders are Cecil­ia and James Robin­son, Nadia Lim and Car­los Bagrie. Nei­ther of the oth­er two girls are slouch­es in the #girl­boss stakes either: Cecil­ia is the 2017 Supre­me Wom­an of Influ­ence and Nadia just won 2017 Mag­a­zine of the Year. The com­pa­ny turns over around $150 mil­lion after just five years of trad­ing.

Sooooo when Denise Arnold texted me on Sat­ur­day night ask­ing if I was free to have lunch with There­sa and a few for­ward think­ing wom­en the next day, I was an imme­di­ate YES!

I was excit­ed to see my good chum, Tra­cie Rud­dock-Gud­sell at the table, too. There­sa told us about her new ven­ture, SheEO. It start­ed in Canada with Vicky Saun­ders, who has a goal to cre­ate a $1 bil­lion fund, to sup­port and finance wom­en-led ven­tures around the world.

The way it works is as fol­lows: 500 acti­va­tors donate $1,100 in an act of rad­i­cal gen­eros­i­ty. That cre­ates a pool of $500,000 to be loaned to five ven­tures.

The acti­va­tors must be wom­en. The ven­tures must be led by wom­en, and must already turn over $50k. And they must be doing some­thing worth­while, that’s going to improve our lot as humans.

The five ven­tures are vot­ed for by the acti­va­tors. The split of those loan is decid­ed by the ven­tur­ers accord­ing to their needs (I like that bit. Sounds inter­est­ing).

The ven­tur­ers now have access to 500 aun­ties, their net­works, skills, enthu­si­asm and sup­port.

The mon­ey is paid back into the SheEO fund as a five-year, low-inter­est loan. Ready to be loaned out to anoth­er five ven­tures.

It’s total­ly bril­liant, isn’t it?

There­sa is run­ning the New Zealand arm of SheEO. She has around 115 acti­va­tors, and needs more. The cut-off date is the 24th Novem­ber.

Want to be an activator, and be RADICALLY GENEROUS? Here you go.

Want to enter your venture? Go on! Do it! Here you go. Applications close 24th November.

Tracey Rud­dock-Gud­sell and I signed up straight away. So did Jen Scoular, CEO of New Zealand Avo­cado. I’m excit­ed. Let me know if you decide to DO IT!