There’s a reason why Glenfiddich is the world’s most awarded single malt whisky. The Grants are master craftsmen, leading the field from their wee glen in Scotland.

In 1886, William Grant of Dufftown, Scot­land, built a dis­tillery on the banks of the River Fid­dich. It is still owned and man­aged by William’s decen­dants, whose love for an excep­tion­al dram gives Glen­fid­dich the title of the world’s most award­ed sin­gle malt whisky.

Work­ing for the fam­i­ly is a priv­i­lege, not a right,” says fifth gen­er­a­tion Kirsten Grant Meik­le. “We see our­selves as cus­to­di­ans of Glen­fid­dich for our descen­dants.” The free­dom of that inde­pen­dence as a dis­tillery, means Glend­fid­dich can main­tain their tra­di­tions, and inno­vate with the kind of pio­neer­ing spir­it that has seen them last through world wars and pro­hi­bi­tion. William’s spir­it lives on.

New Kids On The Rocks

The Experimentals

The Exper­i­men­tal Series embod­ies our fam­i­ly phi­los­o­phy of free­dom and pos­si­bil­i­ties, to cre­ate a range of ground-break­ing sin­gle malts.

Glen­fid­dich IPA Exper­i­ment Glen­fid­dich malt mas­ter, Bri­an, and Speyside brew­er, Seb, are untra­di­tion­al, to say the least. Intro­duc­ing the world’s first IPA fin­ished, sin­gle malt whisky.

Glen­fid­dich PROJECT XX We invit­ed 20 (XX, see what we did there?) whisky experts from around the world, and defied pro­to­col entire­ly by mar­ry­ing togeth­er their favourite 20 malts. The result? Deep gold, can­dyfloss, cin­na­mon and almonds. One unex­pect­ed whisky.

Longtime Legends

The Classics

The best ones are the old ones. Made with the exper­tise of six gen­er­a­tions, each of the clas­sics has its own dis­tinct flavour pro­file.

Glen­fid­dich 12 year has been made with the same High­land spring water since 1887. Char­ac­ter­is­tic sweet, fruity notes devel­op into but­ter­scotch, cream, malt and sub­tle oak flavours.

Glen­fid­dich 15 year is fin­ished in the Sol­era Vat: nev­er emp­tied, and kept half full of whisky since 1998. Silky smooth, reveal­ing lay­ers of sher­ry oak, marzi­pan, cin­na­mon and gin­ger. Full-bod­ied and burst­ing with flavour.

Glen­fid­dich 18 year is the result of 18 years of care and atten­tion, and gen­er­a­tions of whisky mak­ing craft. Lux­u­ri­ous dried fruit, can­dy peel and dates. Over­laid with ele­gant oak notes.

Glen­fid­dich 21 year is fin­ished in casks that once con­tained pre­mi­um Caribbean rum. Ini­tial­ly soft, then brisk, vibrant and dry­ing, pep­pery, a touch of smoke, oak, lime, gin­ger and spices.

Glen­fid­dich 26 year was cre­at­ed to hon­our Glenfiddich’s line of con­tin­u­ous fam­i­ly own­er­ship. Vibrant with a com­pelling bal­ance of dry tan­nin and soft brown sug­ar vanil­la sweet­ness.

A deep oak flavour grad­u­al­ly builds, with hints of spice and liquorice shin­ing through.

The Whisky 101

The trin­i­ty of water, air and malt­ed bar­ley inspired the icon­ic, tri­an­gu­lar Glen­n­fid­dich bot­tle of the 70s.

Angels’ share: The amount that evap­o­rates dur­ing mat­u­ra­tion in the casks.

The rob­bie dhu: The site of the Glen­fid­dich dis­tillery was cho­sen for the puri­ty of the Rob­bie Dhu spring water.