UNO. stylist, Kath McDonald, refreshes your spring look at Hunter Furniture, Owens Place, opposite Bayfair.


Kath says: Hunter Fur­ni­ture has a vast range of din­ing and liv­ing room fur­ni­ture in store. And the zesty, yel­low-green tones that are big news this spring were every­where among their acces­sories. I love their Mul­beri range of cush­ions, throws and rugs. I want­ed to pack the rugs in my bag! And the wool blend Valet­ta rugs in bark and pumice were beau­ti­ful. Lay­ered, they off­set the rich fur­ni­ture colour, and add inter­est, tex­ture and amaz­ing com­fort.

Want to see how Kath styled this shoot? Watch our time lapse video:

Wall art: White-framed prints, like Into The East­er­ly by Rob Dick­in­son, are easy to rotate around your home, and give ener­gy and warmth to a space.

Built to last: With ebonised oak and sculp­tural cast iron legs, the NEXA range works well as a col­lec­tion, or add an indi­vid­u­al piece for a more sculp­tural style.

See Hunter Furniture’s new store at Owens place. Spring look in store now: 12 Owens Place, Oppo­site Bay­fair, Mt Maun­ganui

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