Angela Thomson — Hair today, Barcelona tomorrow

One of Vivo Hair & Beauty Tauranga’s finest stylists, Angela Thomson, is cashing in the Bay of Plenty’s questionable spring weather for sangria and sunshine in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. It’s not all fun and games though. Angela is representing New Zealand on an international stage when she steps up to compete in the Goldwell Colorzoom competition from 6 — 10 October.

After tak­ing out the New Zealand’s Good­well Col­or­zoom title, Ange­la is now prepar­ing to put her skills to the test on inter­na­tion­al soil this week­end for a chance to be named the world’s best colour styl­ist – the absolute high­est hon­our with­in the hair­dress­ing indus­try. 
The inter­na­tion­al com­pe­ti­tion fea­tures the ‘best of the best’ hair styl­ists from across the globe, each show­cas­ing their unique tal­ents and cre­ative flair on their cho­sen mod­el.

Before she jet-sets off, UNO. caught up with Ange­la to chat about her win­ning look, her tips for rock­ing the lat­est hair trends with con­fi­dence and the secret to what makes a hair styl­ist stand out above the rest…

- How does it feel to have won such an incred­i­ble title?

- It’s such an hon­our. There are so many emo­tions run­ning wild – it’s excit­ing and nerve-wrack­ing all at the same time! The glob­al Gold­well Col­or­zoom awards are huge. It’s every hairdresser’s dream to be part of them and to be able to rep­re­sent their coun­try. Com­pet­ing in Barcelona, again­st so many oth­er tal­ent­ed styl­ists, is bound to be an expe­ri­ence I will nev­er for­get.

‘The Jel­ly­fish’ by Ange­la Thomp­son

- You’ve referred to your win­ning look as ‘The Jel­ly­fish.’ What was your inspi­ra­tion for this look and how did you use your colour­ing and styling skills to bring it to life?

- The Jel­ly­fish is my inter­pre­ta­tion of this year’s Gold­well Col­or­zoom col­lec­tion, INFLUX. Using move­ment, iri­des­cent colours and flu­id­i­ty, I began with dark roots which fad­ed into light tones to enhance the over­all style and high­light as much move­ment as pos­si­ble. I want­ed this look to have both strength and soft­ness.

I’m con­stant­ly inspired by what I’m sur­round­ed by, whether that’s nature’s beau­ty, archi­tec­ture or oth­er styl­ists. My inspi­ra­tion for this par­tic­u­lar look came quite lit­er­al­ly from how a jel­ly­fish moves, and the reflec­tion of such beau­ti­ful iri­des­cent colours when the sun­light hits its ten­drils through the water.

- How can us mere mor­tals take inspi­ra­tion from the win­ning looks in this year’s com­pe­ti­tion to cre­ate styl­ish, yet sim­ple, every day hair­styles?

- Com­pe­ti­tion styles may not be what every­one is look­ing for when you’re going to work or doing your gro­cery shop­ping, but they can cer­tain­ly inspire sim­pli­fied trends for every­day wear!

Start by look­ing beyond the fin­ished style of a com­pe­ti­tion or high fash­ion look and pick out the small­er per­son­al qual­i­ties that you like, then incor­po­rate them into your own hair­style. This could be the colours that you see, the shape of the cut or an edgy detail such as blunt fringe. Every hair style is a piece of art in its own right.

The clas­sic messy bun on top of the head is always a fun, easy style to play with. To cre­ate the ulti­mate messy bun at home, sim­ply:

  • Pre-curl hair in large sec­tions (try and curl hair in dif­fer­ent direc­tions rather than all the same way) and light­ly spray with hair­spray
  • Run fin­gers through curls to break them up
  • Pull hair into desired place, prefer­ably just above the crown area
  • Tie hair as you would a pony tail, but do not pull hair all the way through the band on the last tie
  • Light­ly spray with hair­spray once again and voila, you’re good to go!
Ange­la Thom­son

- What are the biggest hair trends you are fore­cast­ing for this sum­mer?

- Mov­ing into the warmer months we’re see­ing fresh and fun short­er styles gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty, which is great as the­se styles are so easy to man­age! Keep in mind that qual­i­ty of move­ment and soft­ness using shades of colour that com­ple­ment the style and each indi­vid­u­al is real­ly impor­tant when going for a short­er cut.

Dou­ble exter­nal braids will be also huge this sum­mer and look fab­u­lous on most peo­ple – pic­ture two rows of soft braids over the top of the head, start­ing either side of the head (left to right, or right to left), with remain­ing hair loose in big, beachy waves. Gor­geous.

- What sets a good hair styl­ist apart from a great one?

- A good styl­ist will enjoy their job and achieve the desired results for their clients, but a great styl­ist is some­one who con­tin­u­al­ly goes the extra mile and has a huge amount of pas­sion for their trade.

They LOVE what they do, and they fol­low fash­ion and hair trends to ensure they’re always at the top of their game. They care deeply about their clients and lis­ten intent­ly to their needs, and they’re hap­py to take time to explain how to achieve a beau­ti­ful look that is real­is­tic to each indi­vid­u­al. They also laugh a lot – a sense of humour is very impor­tant!

After chat­ting with Ange­la its evi­dent her pas­sion for her career is what has enabled her to get to where she is today – quite lit­er­al­ly about to take on the world.

The mag­ni­tude of what lies ahead hasn’t seemed to rock her calm, easy-going nature though, she says she’s more than hap­py to jug­gle work and per­son­al life with trav­el and com­pe­ti­tion prep. While it would be incred­i­ble for a Kiwi from lit­tle old Tau­ran­ga to take out the grand prize, the fact Ange­la is in the run­ning again­st the world’s top hair styl­ists is an amaz­ing feat in itself.

Best of luck Ange­la, Tau­ran­ga is right behind you!