Looks like the beachy weather is back, people! OK, teeny weeny exaggeration, but it totally is, compared to the last couple of weeks. Get out and tick these events off your weekend to-do list.

Saturday 12th August

Garage Sale Day

Did you know the sec­ond Sat­ur­day of August is offi­cial­ly Garage Sale Day?! Organ­ise one today: set up a table, price up your good­ies, put up some signs to let oth­ers know. Spring clean and whilst hang­ing out with friends!

Family Roller Disco

Fam­i­ly evening? Yes, please! Roller Dis­cos are back at Greer­ton Hall. Wear thick socks, make sure you have some cash for entry and refresh­ments (last time we checked, they had no Eft­pos) and Skateschool Tau­ran­ga will take care of the rest.

When: 4 — 6 pm

Where: Greer­ton Hall, 1263 Cameron Road

Admis­sion: $10 per per­son or $35 for a fam­i­ly tick­et

Sunday 13th August

Rhys Darby Mystic Time Bird

From dis­cov­er­ing he was a bird in a past life to check­ing whether we are all being guid­ed by an unknown alien tech­nol­o­gy — his show is not about per­fect log­ic or proven facts. Ridicu­lous and even a bit sil­ly, the Mys­tic Time Bird is def­i­nite­ly worth see­ing. After all, your next chance to see the busy boy Rhys Dar­by might be not ear­lier than Juman­ji hits the screens. He appears in sequel along with Kev­in Hard and Dwayne John­son.

When: 8 — 11 pm

Where: Bay­court Com­mu­ni­ty and Arts Cen­tre, 38 Durham street

Admis­sion: $55.90 — $59.90