Generation Homes is a national top-ten builder that provides affordable houses to Kiwis without compromising on style or innovation. Here are some ways we can help you create a seaside haven, regardless of your distance from the surf.


If you’re a beach lover, it’s more than like­ly you grav­i­tate towards warm, sun­ny spots. By build­ing a north-fac­ing home, you’re guar­an­teed max­i­mum sun expo­sure. We rec­om­mend hav­ing high traf­fic areas such as kitchens, din­ing and fam­i­ly rooms fac­ing north, while bath­rooms and garages should face the south. If your cho­sen build­ing site isn’t ide­al for catch­ing the sun – for exam­ple, if it’s locat­ed on a south-slop­ing block – we can cus­tomise most stan­dard house plans to max­imise the sun’s warmth and light.


As a gen­er­al rule, ensure large win­dows face the north to make the most of the win­ter sun. Add mod­er­ate-sized win­dows to the east side of a home to tar­get the morn­ing­sun, and the west to max­imise the after­noon sun. South-fac­ing win­dows should be small­er. A great way to bring extra nat­u­ral light and fresh air into a home is to fit win­dows into a high sec­tion of a wall or roof above eye lev­el.
ROOMS Enter­tain­ment and liv­ing areas should be open and well con­nect­ed. Old-school bach­es work so well for hol­i­days because the property’s main gath­er­ing areas are large, and usu­al­ly cel­e­brate open-plan design with com­bined liv­ing, kitchen and din­ing spaces. This makes them ide­al for social­is­ing. Hav­ing a sim­i­lar set-up in your home will bring with it the hol­i­day vibes.


A great out­door area is key to cre­at­ing a beachy feel. Cap­i­talise on north­fac­ing warmth by build­ing a deck off your property’s main liv­ing areas and use floor­to-ceil­ing bifold doors to cre­ate a beau­ti­ful expan­sive space on a warm summer’s day. Think about land­scap­ing and gar­den­ing, as hav­ing nature around you wherever you are in the house is key to cre­at­ing a peace­ful vibe. The deck or gar­den could even have a built-in out­door cook­ing space.


Cre­at­ing a mod­ern-style bach involves keep­ing the colour palet­te neu­tral and con­trast­ing with nat­u­ral tim­bers and the full spec­trum of blue. White (or near-white) walls in most of your liv­ing areas will not only give you a blank can­vas, but also keep the space fresh and open. You can also be more play­ful with your selec­tion of fur­ni­ture and acces­sories.


White tiles are a win­ner in kitchens and bath­rooms when paired with styl­ish floors. Gen­er­a­tion Homes’ cus­tomers love stone or ceram­ic tiles and qual­i­ty car­pet on floors. How­ev­er, if bud­get is avail­able, mate­ri­als such as tim­ber, wood-look tiles, vinyl plank­ing and lam­i­nate floor­ing are mak­ing an appear­ance. Tiles are great for keep­ing a home cool in sum­mer.


Bring in mint and turquoise accents with liv­ing walls or pot­ted plants to off­set neu­tral tiles in bath­rooms. Think about adding vari­a­tions such as wood­en shelv­ing to cre­ate an earthy vibe. Install a larg­er-than­stan­dard show­er with a rain-head fix­ture – it’ll make you think of wash­ing off sand after a long day at the beach.

For more design inspi­ra­tion and advice, vis­it one of Gen­er­a­tion Homes’ show homes in the Bay of Plen­ty, Taupo or greater Waika­to area.