Many new residents in the Bay have undergone career changes in order to settle here. Angela Fleet and her husband, Nick, welcome us into their newly renovated bach on Tweed Street in The Mount to tell us about Angela’s NEW DIRECTION.


On arrival, I mar­vel at the light and white home, with pops of Paci­fic Ocean blue every­where. The design is clean and min­i­mal, but there’s a soft­ness to it. “As the new kids, we were in the same boat as all the oth­er new­bies here look­ing to ren­o­vate. We didn’t have lots of net­works to rely on, so it has been a feel­ing-out process with every­one involved, and plen­ty of tri­al and error.”

I am total­ly struck by how calm and mea­sured Ange­la is for some­one who has gone through a career upheaval, as well as a major house ren­o­va­tion.

On the same day I turned down a lucra­tive cor­po­rate lead­er­ship role, I enrolled at tech and became a stu­dent for the sec­ond time. We had just moved to Tau­ran­ga for Nick’s job. Just as I sat down to sign the con­tract, Nick said, ‘Don’t do it. Your heart’s not in it. Just do what you real­ly want to do.’ I had want­ed to work in real estate for a while, so I bit the bul­let, and joined all the young­sters study­ing for real estate papers.” It was obvi­ous­ly a good move, as Bay­leys snapped her up.

I am extreme­ly con­sid­ered in my approach. The deci­sions we all make can have a big impact on where someone’s head­ing.” Nev­er is this more true than when buy­ing or sell­ing a house. “I draw on my expe­ri­ence instinc­tive­ly, work­ing out what moti­vates peo­ple to make deci­sions and choic­es. I real­ly take my time to think things through, con­sid­er­ing all pos­si­ble outcomes.It’s made me a great fit with peo­ple who are deal­ing with the biggest finan­cial deci­sion of their lives. I can help to ensure that they are com­fort­able with their choice. And that’s impor­tant when you are deal­ing with hun­dreds of thou­sands of dol­lars.”

My last job saw me take on a fair­ly bro­ken and dys­func­tion­al group of high­ly capa­ble indi­vid­u­als who had lost con­fi­dence in lead­er­ship. This was eas­i­ly my most chal­leng­ing, some­times ter­ri­fy­ing and, ulti­mate­ly, reward­ing role. I learned so much about help­ing peo­ple to do the best they can, and how to go about get­ting them in a posi­tion to excel. As a lead­er, being authen­tic and a good role mod­el is crit­i­cal to suc­cess. I found set­ting teams up to per­form at their best to be fas­ci­nat­ing and ful­fill­ing.”

Meet­ing peo­ple like Ange­la, it’s obvi­ous why our Bay is plen­ti­ful. One of a num­ber of migrants we are lucky to be wel­com­ing, she brings with her prodi­gious skill and plen­ty of heart. Self-assured, sparkling­ly intel­li­gent and gen­uine­ly kind, she’s exact­ly the kind of per­son we want hang­ing around.

One of the ways we can deter­mine our own path in life is to make choic­es that reflect who we real­ly are and what we want to become. Some­times it just takes time to work out exact­ly what that is.”

I am extreme­ly con­sid­ered in my approach. The deci­sions we all make can have a big impact on where someone’s head­ing.